Study Guide

Program and Test Information

The Indiana CORE Assessments for Educator Licensure:

About the Tests

The tests included in the program are criterion referenced and standards based. Criterion-referenced tests are designed to measure a candidate's knowledge and skills in relation to an established standard of performance (a criterion), rather than in relation to the performance of other candidates. The tests are aligned with the REPA Indiana Educator Standards. The program is composed of the following tests:

Tests are computer-based. All tests include multiple-choice questions, and some tests also include one or more constructed-response assignments. The available testing time varies by test and ranges between 45 minutes and 135 minutes. There is a 15-minute tutorial on computer-based testing prior to each test, which is not counted as part of the testing time.

The Test Development Process

Creating a program is a complex, ongoing process. The major steps in the process are outlined below.

Task Description
Develop the Assessment Blueprints The content of each assessment is documented in the assessment blueprint. The REPA Indiana Educator Standards form the basis of each assessment blueprint. An assessment blueprint is divided into content domains. A content domain contains one or more objectives, each corresponding to one or more of the Indiana Educator Standards for that field. Each objective is further defined by a set of essential elements of knowledge that together articulate the knowledge and skills measured by the test questions associated with that objective. The assessment blueprint also provides information on the relative weighting that will be applied to each content domain. The Indiana Department of Education reviewed and approved the assessment blueprint for each field.
Develop Test Items Next, test items are developed to assess the content defined by the assessment blueprints. Content specialists, item development specialists, content and bias reviewers, and psychometricians are involved in developing test items for the Indiana CORE Assessments for Educator Licensure program.
Review and Validate Test Content Committees of Indiana teachers and teacher educators are convened to review and revise the test items as needed. Items are reviewed by a Bias Review Committee (BRC) and a Content Advisory Committee (CAC). The BRC reviews test items for potential bias and inclusion of diversity. The CAC reviews and revises items, if needed, to ensure that they are accurate, appropriate, free from bias, and job-related. Items approved by the review committees are validated by Indiana teachers and teacher educators.
Pilot Test Items Reviewed and validated test items are pilot tested to determine if they have acceptable statistical and qualitative characteristics to include on operational test forms.
Set Passing Scores A committee of Indiana teachers and teacher educators convenes for each test to make recommendations that will be used to establish the passing score for each test. The final passing scores are determined by the Indiana State Board of Education.