The Indiana CORE developmental and content area assessments are no longer being administered as of August 31, 2021. If you have a question about what assessments you need to take for licensure, refer to the Educator Testing section opens in a new window. of the IDOE's website.

Pearson will continue administering the Core Academic Skills Assessment (CASA). CASA examinees can use this website to review rules and policies, access preparation materials, register and schedule testing appointments, submit alternative testing arrangements requests, and view their score reports.

Information about each test. Get specific information about a test and access preparation materials by selecting the test from the following table.

Test CodeBasic Skills Assessment
001/002/003Core Academic Skills Assessment (CASA)
Test CodeDevelopmental (Pedagogy) Area Assessments
004Early Childhood Education
005Elementary Education
007P–12 Education
006Secondary Education
Test CodeContent Area Assessments
009Career and Technical Education—Agriculture
010Career and Technical Education—Business and Information Technology
011Career and Technical Education—Family and Consumer Sciences
012Career and Technical Education—Marketing
068Computer Science
014/015/016/017Early Childhood Generalist
060/061/062/063Elementary Education Generalist
018Engineering and Technology Education
021English Language Arts
019English Learners
022Exceptional Needs—Blind or Low Vision
023Exceptional Needs—Deaf or Hard of Hearing
024Exceptional Needs—Intense Intervention
025Exceptional Needs—Mild Intervention
064Exceptional Needs—Mild Intervention: Reading Instruction
026Fine Arts—General Music
027Fine Arts—Instrumental Music
029Fine Arts—Theatre Arts
030Fine Arts—Visual Arts
028Fine Arts—Vocal Music
032High Ability
069Middle School English Language Arts
070Middle School Mathematics
071Middle School Science
037Middle School Social Studies
067Physical Education
039School Administrator—Building Level
040School Administrator—District Level
041School Counselor
042School Librarian
044Science—Earth/Space Science
045Science—Life Science
046Science—Physical Science
048Social Studies—Economics
049Social Studies—Geographical Perspectives
050Social Studies—Government and Citizenship
051Social Studies—Historical Perspectives
052Social Studies—Psychology
053Social Studies—Sociology
054World Languages—Chinese (Mandarin)
055World Languages—French
056World Languages—German
057World Languages—Japanese
058World Languages—Latin
059World Languages—Spanish