Study Guide

Field 039: School Administrator—Building Level
Test Design and Assessment Blueprint

The test design below describes general testing information. The assessment blueprint that follows is a detailed outline that explains the knowledge and skills that this test measures.

Test Design

Format Computer-based test (CBT)
Number of Questions 65 multiple-choice questions, 1 constructed-response assignment
Time* 135 minutes
Passing Score 220

*Does not include 15-minute CBT tutorial

Assessment Blueprint


Domain Objectives Standards Approximate Test Weight
I Human Capital Management 0001 1 25%
II Instructional Leadership 0002 2 20%
III Personal Behavior and Relationships 0003–0004 3–4 10%
IV Culture of Achievement 0005 5 10%
V Organizational, Operational, and Resource Management 0006 6 10%
VI Constructed-Response Assignment: Case Study 0007 1–2, 5 25%

Each objective in the assessment blueprint corresponds to one or more of the REPA Indiana Educator Standards for this field. Those standards can be accessed in the PDF below.

REPA Indiana Educator Standards

Domain I–Human Capital Management

0001 Human Capital Management (Standard 1)

Domain II–Instructional Leadership

0002 Instructional Leadership (Standard 2)

Domain III–Personal Behavior and Relationships

0003 Personal Behavior (Standard 3)

0004 Building Relationships (Standard 4)

Domain IV–Culture of Achievement

0005 Culture of Achievement (Standard 5)

Domain V–Organizational, Operational, and Resource Management

0006 Organizational, Operational, and Resource Management (Standard 6)

Domain VI–Constructed-Response Assignment

0007 Case Study (Standards 1, 2, 5)